Episode 1.5: For the Mechanically Minded

A special supporting episode of Service…

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“I remember flying at 40,000 feet, and the engine just going beautifully over the Colosseum in Rome.”

(George Hardy, Air Corp Pilot)

Ep 1.5: Nov. 11 2019

In this supporting episode of Service, we take a quick dive into P-40 planes, foxholes, trenches, and hedgerows. Some major engineering advancements came about during World War 2, helping our veterans in their missions around the globe. But they met agricultural challenges overseas, despite. Listen for a quick primer on military terms you’ll hear our veterans reference this season.

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Episode Notes: Misti Boettiger is the Associate Producer on this episode. Juuni Ramocan engineered the on-site interview with John Bastrica.

Behind the Episode:

Read about the history of the Alison Engine Company and Curtiss Wright.

Learn more about hedgerow warfare in this detailed We Are The Mighty article, and explore maps, diagrams, and arial photographs in these educational materials from the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Read about the technological advances made during WWII here at NCPedia.