The Team

Service is a production from iHeartRadio and WordsFoodArt.

Jacqueline Raposo – Producer and Host

Food writer and podcast producer Jacqueline Raposo (WordsFoodArt LLC) has taken hundreds of thought-provoking interviews for clients including Saveur, Food & Wine, Town & Country, Shondaland, Bust, and The Village Voice, as well as for her book, The Me, Without (Ixia, 2019). Her Heritage Radio Network podcast, Love Bites, featured esteemed guests crossing food, business, medicine, and the arts in a live format every week for two years. As a first-generation Azorean-American, the American side of Jacqueline’s family has served in every U.S. engagement going back to the Civil War. With Service, she humbly amplifies the stories of our veterans and wartime volunteers, sharing their experiences through the universal language of food. | IG: @wordsfoodart | FB: @JacquelineRaposoWriter

Christopher Hassiotis – Executive Producer

Christopher Hassiotis is iHeartMedia’s Executive Producer responsible for the network’s food and travel podcasts. After more than a decade working as a journalist covering all aspects of culture, from dining to music to travel, Christopher knows what makes a story resonate. And when it comes to telling stories about food, he understands that there’s so much more than just what shows up on your table — it’s about the people behind the plates. Among the podcasts he oversees are Service: Stories of War and HungerFrom Scratch with Michael RuhlmanSavorParklandiaPoint of OriginStuff Mom Never Told You.

Prior to his time with iHeart, Christopher served for five years as the Atlanta editor for Zagat. His writing has appeared in New TimesAtlanta Journal-ConsitutionCreative LoafingFlagpole, Allrecipes and Howstuffworks, among other outlets. A global citizen, Christopher has worked from Argentina to Indonesia, Hungary and Peru. Christopher holds an MBA in global management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, a BA in journalism and a BA in religion from the University of Georgia.

Gabrielle Collins – Supervising Producer

Gabrielle is the mortar between mission and content, building teams that specialize in audio, theater, and education. The solutions journalism advocate built digital strategy for the Amnesty International Award-winning “16 Shots” for WBEZ and currently produces podcasts about culinary anthropology and travel.

Gabrielle is honored to be part of Raposo’s Service, which hands the mic to those who have served. Her uncle, the late John Wright, Jr., is a Vietnam-era veteran.

Misti Boettiger – All-Around-Associate

A Jane-of-all-(many)-trades, Misti has worked as a writer, production designer, creative director, actor, project manager, and photographer for theater, film, television, editorial, and food media. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Eleanor Hutman – Intern (summer 2020)

Eleanor Hutman is a senior in high school and lives in Santa Monica, CA. She will be attending Wesleyan University in the fall where she plans on studying history and literature. During the past four years, she has been very lucky to study history with Maggie Colburn and Shannon Halley Cox at Santa Monica High School and Teofilo Ruiz and Kristina Markman at UCLA. In her free time she loves to read, travel, hike in the Sierra Nevadas, and spend time with her friends.

K. R. Sabo – Educational Resource Consultant

(she/her): Originally from the East Coast, Katharine Rose Sabo took up rock climbing while a student at NYU. After graduation, she took off on a road trip across the country. Landing in California, she found her professional passion in the form of a small continuation school in the foothills of the Eastern Sierra so she went back to school, got her teaching credential, and has been learning from her students there ever since. When not in the classroom, advocating for her students, staying up too late to grade papers, write lesson plans, or read books, she enjoys hiking, biking, and paddleboarding with her husband and rescue dog. 

Art by Girl Friday: Anile Prakash is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Hudson, Quebec. Delving into each project’s unique story to develop thoughtful, effective and lasting work is how she gets her kicks. She is also the founder of Bohème Hudson and an elected member of the Hudson Arts and Culture Council. Clients include: Bleu Blanc Rouge, CloudRaker, The Girl Effect, Hydro Ottawa, Learning Bird, Loulou Magazine, Montreal Improv, the National Film Board of Canada, Pure Cobalt, Pure Green Magazine, St Mary’s Hospital Foundation, Ten Oaks Project. More at