Everybody eats. But how do our food stories change during wartime?

In each episode of Service: Stories of Hunger and War, we follow a veteran or wartime volunteer from their home in the United States through their overseas deployment and back again. With the sounds of city streets, high seas, and battlefields behind them, we hear firsthand where they fought, who they fed, how they ate, and what meals they missed most while away at war.

From World War II through today, soldiers and civilians come together at the table to hear how grit and grace can feed and fuel.



Season One Veterans


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    It’s called “the deadliest conflict in human history” for a reason. World War II engulfed the lives of soldiers and civilians in a way those in the United States have not experienced in a near capacity since. In the final episode of our season exploring the experience of service during World War II, authors Myke Cole […]
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    World War II transformed women’s service both in the U.S. Armed Forces and in their stateside communities — millions would serve at home and abroad as nurses, clerics, drivers, front-line food peddlers, and even pilots. The work wasn’t easy. To survive the shifting job market, they had to work twice as hard for half the […]
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    100-year-old World War II Marine veteran Norman Rubin remembers the Great Depression. He remembers eating as much as could be put on a plate in front of him as a hungry kid. He remembers his father leaving at 10 years old and his brothers working to help his mother. He remembers reading about how the […]
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    Every veteran we’ve sat with this season has gushed about the “love of their life” — the woman who worked hard at the hospital or factory or office or homestead and dutifully penned letters while they were away in the Service. They’ve wowed us with not only their love’s origin story, but the lifetime commitment […]
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    Wait, but how did the food get made in World War II?In this episode of Service, Navy veteran Ray Boutwell shares how he cooked at a training camp in New Jersey toward the latter part of the war: what equipment they had in the kitchen, what dishes they made regularly, and the difference between ingredients […]
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    The majority of the veterans we’ve heard from this season recall growing up in Great Depression poverty. Such is not the case with Robert Hanson, a Navy Lieutenant whose father found himself in an intriguing position of economic strength that helped Robert settle into Ivy League academia by the start of World War 2. But […]

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