Everybody eats. But how do our food stories change during wartime?

In each episode of Service: Stories of Hunger and War, we follow a veteran or wartime volunteer from their home in the United States through their overseas deployment and back again. With the sounds of city streets, high seas, and battlefields behind them, we hear firsthand where they fought, who they fed, how they ate, and what meals they missed most while away at war.

From World War II through today, soldiers and civilians come together at the table to hear how grit and grace can feed and fuel.



  • Ep 1 - Pasquale D'Ambrosio, Army
  • Ep 2 - Frank Devita, Coast Guard
  • Ep 3 - John Bistrica, Army
  • Ep 4 - George Hardy, U.S. Army Air Corp Pilot
  • Ep 5- William Walker, Navy
  • Ep 6 - Harold Bud Long, Air Corps
  • Ep - Community episode!
  • Ep 8 - Lawson Ichiro Sakai, Army
  • Ep 9 - Robert Hanson, Navy
  • Ep 10 - Ray Boutwell, Navy
  • Ep 11 - Sister Melanie Kambic, Army Nurse

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